The importance of adding dairy to your daily diet

Children are raised to drink their milk and eat their yogurt to become strong like superman or even wonder women, and parents are not wrong. Medical research has highlighted that the daily consumption of dairy is good for any person of any age. The top 10 benefits for dairy consumption is only a small drop in a large pond.

  1. Bone Health

There are millions of people on a global scale that suffer from osteoporosis, this condition is based on bad bone health. Majority of the sufferers are women, and women are more likely to develop the condition. Studies have shown that the calcium in milk and other dairy products have aided the human bones with proteins that enhance bone density. Consuming daily dairy products provides your bones with the necessary nutrients to build strong bones. So in order to protect your bones and giving them the needed nutrients drink that extra glass of milk or eat the yogurt without shame as it is beneficial for your health.

  1. Heart health

Three of the common minerals found in dairy is calcium, magnesium and potassium, these there minerals play an active part in your heart health. Potassium plays a key role in regulating fluids and minerals throughout your body. Through an effective flow of liquids and minerals your body can maintain a healthy blood pressure that is a positive as it can assist in the prevention of hypertension. The daily recommendation for children and adults is three servings of healthy and nutritional dairy product these portions assist your body in receiving the correct amount of potassium to ensure that your blood pressure is regulated.  

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